Ad-free JSON Editor Online experience

| 2 min read

So far, the application JSON Editor Online has been able to sustain itself thanks to ads and donations. Starting today, you can get an ad-free experience and some other extras by choosing for a paid subscription.

It is a monetization model you see a lot on the internet: websites are free but contain ads. We’ve come to expect that everything on the web is free. But, well, someone has to pay the bills, so publishers turned to ads to generate income. Due to the overload of ads, more and more people use an ad-blocker, which is understandable. However, this doesn’t really solve the issue. When literally everyone would use an ad-blocker, websites would be left without any income and would not survive, leaving you without your favorite websites. Do you want to support the websites that you love and rely on every day?

JSON Editor Online now offers two options side by side: you can either use the application for free, containing ads. Or you start a subscription and get an ad-free experience and the ability to store private documents in the cloud. With a subscription, you will not see any ads. That means more space on screen for the JSON documents that you’re editing, a faster loading application, less data traffic, and zero tracking (not even Google Analytics), so 100% privacy-friendly.

Interested? Click here to subscribe

The web application without a subscription has an ad on the right side, like in the following screenshot:

JSON Editor Online without subscription

With a subscription, the application looks as follows. All screen space can be used for your work, and there is no distracting ad on the right side:

JSON Editor Online with subscription

In short: we’re happy to announce that you now have a choice for either ads or a subscription. It’s up to you.