About: Jos de Jong

Jos de Jong

JSON Editor Online is developed and maintained by Jos de Jong, an enthusiastic, passionate senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience in the field. Jos created the editor out of personal needs, working with JSON based API's and databases on a daily basis as a full-stack engineer. Jos is a passionate programmer. He is pragmatic and has a lot of attention for details. Always overflowing with great ideas to work on (which tend to pop up at times I should sleep or when taking a shower). In his 20+ years of programming experience he have become familiar with many languages and frameworks. Lately he is enjoying JavaScript and Kotlin a lot. He is always looking around for new tools, techniques, and languages to make programming even more fun. He enjoys the creative process that programming is. He loves to build new, experimental applications from the ground up in an iterative way, bottom-up, together with the user itself.